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Flawless Face Cleanser


This products has the best ingredients for a beautifully clean & clear face!

4 oz.

We've looked everywhere for the best and most effective cleansing ingredients for EVERY type of skin. These ingredients target combination skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, blemishes, psoriasis, rosacea, and even normal skin without any toxic ingredients!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Polyglucose (corn), Organic Vegetable Glycerin (coconut), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Marshmallow, Organic Elder Flower, Organic Rosehip (rosa mosquata) oil, Organic Essential Oils of Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin), Neroli (Citrus aurantium amara), Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum),  Roman Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Xanthan Gum

*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


Flawless Face Cleanser $24.50

4 Stars Based on 12 Review(s)

Deanna of Minnesota
- 4 Stars
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Does the Job

March 10,2018

Good cleanser that does a great job in removing all my facial makeup at night. A little bit goes a long ways!
Shannon of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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An all around great cleanser

February 7,2018

I keep one in the shower, and one at the sink. This cleanser is a great everyday, and every-season cleanser.  I like this in the morning in conjunction with the poofy charcoal bar. I typically cleanse my face with the charcoal bar soap, then follow up with this. Leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed! Also works great with my Clarasonic!
Amanda of Indiana
- 4 Stars
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I love this cleanser

January 26,2018

I like this cleanser. I use it as well as the SPF moisturizer during the day and the night moisturizer at night. I've noticed an improvement with not only my acne but also my rosescea.
Nicole of Michigan
- 3 Stars
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Good cleanser, but smelly

September 22,2017

With all the great reviews, I was a bit disappointed by this cleanser. It really does work great, but it smells like Windex. The scent lingers even after rinsing. I probably won't purchase this again.
Crystal of New York
- 5 Stars
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Love this cleanser

May 12,2017

This is a great cleanser. Being so pure you only need a drop and it cleans your entire face. I love it. I decided to also get the toner and moisturizer that pairs with it. Great product. Thank you Poofy!
Kellie of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Awesome product!

November 25,2016

This facial cleanser works perfectly.  A little bit of water and a dap of cleanser works like a charm.  Great for allergy prone skin.  Thanks Poofy Organics for making great products!  :)
Kristin of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Squeaky clean

November 23,2016

Love this face cleanser! I put it in a foaming soap dispenser and it is just right!  My face is clean but not dry.  Has kept break outs at bay!
Amanda of Kentucky
- 5 Stars
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Balanced skin naturally

May 31,2016

This is a wonderful makeup remover for excess that plain coconut oil does not remove. My skin feels clean and not dried out. I apply a 50/50 water/organic ACV toner to a cotton pad afterward and before moisturizing with Poofy's daily moisturizer. It's the perfect combo for me and my acne is almost gone!
RaeDawn of New Mexico
- 5 Stars
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Better than expected

April 7,2016

I have to say, I was a little nervous to order this product because of another review that commented on the strong smell. I have the nose of a blood hound and strong smells often make me sick. The soap does have an herbaly smell, but it didn't linger. I thought it was more like an aromatherapy session in my shower. My skin feels and looks great. I hope it will help even out my skin tone, even though it makes no claims to do so. It lathers up well, use caution not to pour too much.  Its too pricey to waste! I bought in conjunction with the mouisturizer.
Jacqulynn of Indiana
- 3 Stars
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Great cleanser, but smelly

February 5,2016

I recently purchased this facial soap to try.  I found that overall I really like it.  The soap leaves my skin smooth and not dried out and it looks really clean and clear.  The one issue I have with the cleanser is the smell of it.  I really dislike the smell of patchouli, and when I do use it I smell it for hours after I have washed my face.  Otherwise, it is a great product and it's quality is fantastic.
Lucille of California
- 5 Stars
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Great make up remover!

November 28,2015

I had been using Poofy Organics for my skincare for a while before trying this product so I was already happy with the overall condition of my skin. I was looking for a good, natural cleanser to remove all my make up before bed so decided to try this. It does just that! It removes all my make up and it is not harsh at all. I have been told I rub my eyes too much when removing my eye makeup. Even with all my eye rubbing my eyes were never irritated. I will definitely continue to use this as my go to make up remover.
Autumn of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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Incredible results!

July 17,2015

I have been using FF cleanser for w total of 48 hours.  I ALREADY see results.   My blackheads are nearly all gone, and I looked like a connect-the-dot activity sheet!   So impressed with Poofy Organics' FFC!

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